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Kalonji-Indigo Hair Oil


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Presenting the revolutionary Kalonji-Indigo Hair Oil, a breakthrough blend of natural wonders meticulously crafted to revolutionize your hair care routine. A unique fusion of Kalonji, Indigo, Coconut oil, Bhringaraj, Aloe veranda Curry leaves are renowned for their potent benefits in hair care. This specialized hair oil combines the nourishing properties of Kalonji oil, rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, with the coloring effects of indigo leaves, traditionally used for enhancing hair color and promoting hair health. Our oil is best for the growth of black thick hair, control dandruff and 100% chemical free. With its clinically proven efficacy and commitment to using only natural ingredients, Kalonji-Indigo Hair Oil offers a pure, wholesome solution for your hair care needs. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and embrace the transformative power of Kalonji-Indigo Hair Oil for nourished, radiant locks with a hint of color.

  • Best for growth of black and thick hair.
  • Prevent premature graying.
  • 100% chemical free.
  • Control dandruff 
  • Reduces hair fall.
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

100ml, 200ml, 300ml, 400ml, 500ml, 1L


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    Kalonji-Indigo Hair Oil
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